Alexander Weiss

Body Worker

My name is Alex. I have been involved in

Body Conditioning for over 30 years. 

I found myself in a place where I had a number of body issues: Knee injuries (Torn ligaments and removed cartilage), Severe Asthma attacks (due to Stress and over exercise excursion), getting overweight because I could not do much physical exercise due to my bad knees and eating too many fast foods. That was me back at least 20 years ago.

The Evidence!!


Firstly my own experience. It did take a quite a few months to really notice the difference but the last few years have been amazing. I have at least tripled my overall strength. This is because  I now move as one fluid organism as opposed to being the sum of all the parts. I use my whole body in everything I do. All my nerves, muscles, fascia and joints fire at the same time. 

 My Aikido practice is off the charts, I am more centered, balanced in every way

and becoming healthier in mind body and spirit.

Do not just take my word for it. Here are some of my members’ Testimonials:


Some feedback from some of our founding members

"I have no time to go to gyms but following the exercise routines are a simple pleasure. I have learnt alot in a small amount of time"

John Walters

"The exercises are so simple to do, you would not think they have such an effect but after a month of regular practice I feel like something is happening"

Monika Kristinsen

"I have never heard of this type of training before but glad that I came across it, as I can feel this is making a difference ."

Peter Sander

"I am really enjoying the body conditioning course and doing the daily exercise routines."

"I love the course and love the daily exercise routines."

Anna Alexander

"I have finally found a form of exercise that I can participate in considering I have not done any form of sport since I was at school many many years ago."

Body Conditioning 


BodyConditioning Wellness incorporates 5 Key components that make up

the whole body conditioning system.

1. Internal PowerTraining -CreatingOpposing Forces in our Body

2. Developing a Real Core Center (Dan-tien / Hara)

3. Breathing - very special breathing routines that work your lungs and organs

4. Working our Joints in a special uniqueway

5. Movement- special Walking Drills and ways that we get power from the ground

  • Body Conditioning Course

    The course provides all the knowledge you need to know to effectively follow the Daily Exercise Routines and understand this special form of body conditioning. This is a Basic Orientation Course that will set you on your way if you want to go to the next level.

  • Internal Power Exercises

    The daily exercise routines include special solo Internal Power Exercises.

  • Walking Drills

    There are special walking drills to help joint alignment, posture and help with many back issues.

  • Daily Exercise Routines

    A whole variety of exercise routines will be available & growing to cover a myriad of general and specific areas.

  • Breathing Exercises

    There are a variety of special breathing drills based on ancient well proven breathing techniques from Yoga, Qigong and Aikido.

  • Flexibility Exercises

    All the daily exercise routines include loosening and flexibility exercises.

Save Thousands of Dollars in Medical Care

Avoid Unnecessary Back, Joint and Lung Issues

Get Your Life & Head Space on Track

Get Back Your Vital Energy

Live Like a Warrior, Live in the Moment!


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