About Me

Alexander Weiss

Email: support@bodyconditioningwellness.com

Friends call me Alex!

I am an Englishman now living in Denmark. I have been involved with the health & fitness industry since 1991. I began as a fitness instructor, I went on to specialise in injury rehabilitation. I was working for the largest health & fitness company at that time: Fitness For Industry Ltd. After managing clubs I eventually ran my own health club in the UK for 5 years Mission Personal Training Centre

in Hoddesdon London before moving to Denmark.

I was always an active kid, lucky enough to be brought up in Africa with good weather and a lot of outdoor activities. As a young man, I had no idea what I wanted to do and began studying Hotel Management. I was already practicing Karate. I was working at the Amsterdam Hilton on an industrial year from University when I started to visit a Wellness Center, gym, sauna, Jacuzzi, relaxation area. I knew straight away that this is more of what I wanted to do. Ironically as soon as I finished my University Degree, I joined Fitness For Industry Ltd as a gym instructor. Near the same time, I stopped the Karate due to injuries and began training Aikido (another Martial Art from Japan).


Ten years later, after moving to Denmark, I continued my Aikido practice with Sensei Patrick Fitsgerald in an alternative Commune in Copenhagen known as Christiania. This is when my true journey of Body Conditioning really began. Patrick’s understanding of the body and mind was at another level. I practically had to unlearn everything I had been taught in the classic Western style of Health & Fitness. Up to that point, I had been training a typical gym work out with a mix of weights and aerobic activity.


Patrick would laugh at how slow the weight training had made me. I began to train with the old knowledge coming more from Asia/China. For example, we did not do 100s of sit ups working our stomach muscles but trained the stomach to be soft and fluid like a snake. Now I was gaining fluidity and speed in exchange for raw muscle power. We trained five days a week and developed a different style of conditioning, being able to be active for long bouts with controlled breathing mind body awareness.

Instead of press ups, break falling was our way. Breathing and finding your balance – your

neutral state were some of the main aims of training.


My training continued for another 10 years before finally finding Dan Harden who was sharing the exact missing body knowledge the founder of Aikido had actually been training and developing. We knew that something was missing from this beautiful art aikido. We were right! And now we had found it again. The reason for the missing knowledge is a topic for another discussion to do with politics and history.  So over the next ten years we incorporated this missing knowledge into our aikido, often having to start all over again in some areas. So here we are 30 years later!  This missing body conditioning knowledge only strengthened what I was already practicing and has added dimensions to not only my aikido but general body mind spirit health and wellness. I became even more passionate about the art and had always wondered how to share this wonderful knowledge with regular people whom

have no interest in training a martial art.

Some of the main missing knowledge involves a regime of Solo Training Exercises that literally anyone is capable of doing. These specific Internal Body Exercises plus Ancient Breathing Techniques and special Walking Drills can transform your body and most of all they are very sedentary exercises based on Ancient wisdom and understanding of the body mainly to do with the

Fascial Network System, Tendons and Ligaments.


This understanding takes a lot of pressure away from our muscles, in so reducing the wear and tear on your body and creating amazing torque and strength you never knew you had.

BodyConditioningWellness.com is the culmination of all this knowledge and how it can be applied to yourself and reap the amazing benefits it offers from potential increase in longevity and quality of your life. I look forward to sharing with you this knowledge in a form of a course and a variety of daily exercise routines that you can just follow along with.